Experienced Coaches

Each Planters Girls group is lead by an experienced Church Planting Wife who’s already traveled the road you’re on. The last thing you need is the blind leading the blind.

Friends that Care

Let’s be honest, church planting can be a lonely experience. And not everybody really understands. Surround yourself with people who share the challenges of your unique journey.

Intentional Growth

While you’re working so hard to grow your church, be intentional about your own personal growth. This is a great time for God to help you take the next step spiritually.

Groups Now Forming

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Planter Girls Groups

Grow in a community of Planting Wives
  • Build friendships with other planting wives.
  • Overcome challenges as a group.
  • Share victories and struggles.
  • Discover new ideas for your church.
  • Learn to create healthy boundaries.
  • Establish personal accountability.
  • Get experienced coaching in the group.
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Personal Coaching

Hire a Personal Planter Girl Coach
  • Get one-on-one coaching with an experienced coach.
  • Tackle your unique challenges.
  • Create clarity to your individual calling.
  • Maximize your God-given gifts.
  • Strengthen your foundation.
  • Set personal boundaries.
  • Create individualized personal accountability.
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